About Us

miramar story

miramar design studio inc. [mdsi] began as a print design company in 1995, specializing in logo design, brochures, posters and annual reports.  As the world wide web became available we began to experiment with the new technology and quickly realized that the web was going to offer our clients an exciting and effective service. We acquired leading edge software and hardware with a focus on developing dynamic database driven internet products. We now offer a full menu of services including web and print. Our clients can have a consistent look and feel across a variety of communication materials. We are actively researching new technologies that will add increased efficiencies and reduce costs.

miramar way

listen: we take the time to truly understand what you do and what you want a web site to do for you.

think: once your needs have been identified and confirmed we analyze all possible solutions 

produce: now the fun begins...as our notes, sketches and overall vision are put into action.

communicate: you are not alone - we are with you throughout the development phase and thereafter.