Social Media

Social Media has become a vital part of all major online strategies. A business without a social media presence or strategy is losing valuable exposure every single day. Miramar Design Studio Inc. has spent countless hours studying, developing, and monitoring this field, all in an effort to provide our clients with the best social media strategy and brand awareness within their budget.

Social Media Profile Setup

First you need to have a profile on all relevant social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. While not all platforms are required, there are certainly a few that are considered essential. We can help with creating these profiles/pages and the graphic design necessary so that everything displays perfectly on desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

Social Media Content PostingSocial Media

Social Media is like the contents of your fridge. If it's not updated from time to time, it gets stale, and no one wants it. Updates are required to these platforms to keep them up to date and relevant. Miramar can regularly create social media posts with professional graphic design using your provided content. It might be as simple as posting a simple company update, new products/services, or just a general posting about a current event. As long as there is relevant and up to date content, then people will continue to find, return and read more about your business, thus keeping your organization relevant.

With Miramar, this can be as easy as sending a single email with optional image about whatever it is you want to promote. We can then take or find relevant imagery, create a beautiful graphic/promotion and post the content on all of your desired social media platforms!

Social Media Advertising, Boosting and Promotion

You can create profiles on all of the top social media networks/platforms and post an awesome promotion or status update but what if you don't already have an audience grown or simply want to reach more people? It takes money to make money and we can help you reach more customers by creating ads and promoting posts that will surely increase brand exposure and potential sales! Miramar has extensive experience in targeting audiences, testing ads and making your brand known across the web.

Facebook Auto Responses and Website Live Chat

We can help set up answers to popular questions so that if you or your staff don't have time to monitor and respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion visitors can still get the information they need. If you have a website and want to be actively available to inquiries, we can embed a live chat module inside your website essentially creating a virtual live assistant without the customer having to phone or email you!


Focus more on growing your business, and less on social media.

By combining good website design with a targeted and well executed social media strategy, your business can rest easy that the best effective strategy has been implemented to give your business the jump start or next step it needs towards success.