Social Media

Social Media has become a vital part of all major online strategies. A business without a social media strategy is bound to fail, or is it? Miramar Design Studio Inc professionals have spent countless hour studying, developing, and monitoring this new field, all in an effort to provide our clients with the best social media strategy suited to their needs.

1) What is Social Media?

So, the first step in Miramar Design Studio's Social Media Strategy is to help clients understand what social media is. According to Wikipedia, social media is "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." So what this means is that, if you share any idea, plan, photos, text, or basically ANYTHING with a group of individuals, its social media. 

Wow, this means social media can be ANYTHING doesn't it? So, right off the bat your new website, is a social media platform. Amazing isn't it, you've now gone from wanting a new website, to being a social media platform!  

2) How do I pick a Social Media Strategist? Social Media

Well, now that you've discovered that your new website, and most websites on the internet are classified as social media, you need to target your social media strategy. Lets face it, you can't post updates to every website on the internet that will let you, when will you find time to actually run your business??? This is what separates a good Social Media Strategist from a GREAT Social Media Strategist . A good strategist will set you up with a Facebook and twitter account, and say you are on top of social media. A great strategist will go beyond just Facebook and twitter by first understanding your business and clients, and then developing social media strategy that will maximize your exposure while minimizing the time you need to spend developing and updating social media.

3) How should I proceed?

One of the biggest mistakes in developing a new social media strategy is Do It Yourself Social Media. Developing a social media platform is a time consuming effort that requires great attention to detail. If you are not fully familiar with a particular platform, you could miss key features that help grow the exposure of your company. Or perhaps you know all the details about a platform, but misuse those features. Both can have negative repercussions on your social media strategy, and once a negative is exposed, it's hard to recover.

Once a good social media strategist is found, most will offer affordable rates to develop your platform for your business. Most modern Website Development Studios, such as Miramar, will offer Social Media Development Packages in addition to your website development so that you can focus more on growing your business, and less on social media.

By combining good website design with a targeted and well executed social media strategy, your business can rest easy that the best effective strategy has been implemented to give your business the jump start it needs towards success.

4) Once my Social Media Platform is launched, am I done?

Not by a long shot. Social Media is like the contents of your fridge. If it's not updated from time to time, it gets stale, and no one wants it. This is why picking the right social media platforms for your business is key. From time to time updates are required to those platforms to keep them up to date and relevant. It might be as simple as posting a simple company update, new products/services, or just a general posting about a current event. As long as there is up to date, and relevant updates, then people will continue to find, return and read your content, thus keeping your company relevant. But sometimes you don't have time to update your social media, this happens. So what happens in this case?

Many providers, including Miramar, have started to develop Social Media Updating Services. With this service, updating your social media platforms is as easy as sending a single email. These providers then take this email, and post updates to your entire social media platform. Just remember, if you are registering for one of these services, always look into how many updates you get at specific price points, and how many platforms they will cover. This is important because, if you email your provider and update, your agreement might only cover updating half of your platform, and they will charge you additional fees for additional platforms.