Mailing List

Maximize the power of email by utilizing a professional and reliable bulk emailing service that prevents your emails from being sent to spam folders or blocked entirely. Also get detailed reports such as how many emails were successfully delivered, opened and clicked. 

What's wrong with using your personal email to send out to multiple people?

One of the worst things that businesses aren't aware of when they send out email blasts using their normal email program, is that most those emails are probably not even making it to the receivers inbox! A few will get out, then ISP's and email services such as gmail, hotmail, shaw etc. will usually see that the content of the email is identical and flag it as spam. Not only that but a business will never know their emails aren't being accepted since they don't have stats on their email campaigns!

Besides email not making it to client's inbox, you have to be concerned with laws such as Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and CAN-SPAM. There are specific requirements that your email campaigns must have to be compliant and avoid breaking the law. These necessities are set in place to protect users against unsolicited email and being put on a mailing list they never signed up for. In Canada for example, you must opt IN to a mailing list to have express consent vs. the less barrier to entry (although sometimes easily missed) opt out option commonly found in the United States.

Mailing lists are effective when you have good clean content that your users want so you can promote products, services or expert tips without the worry of breaking the law or being blocked. Miramar is thoroughly experienced with mailing lists and managing hundreds of thousands of subscribers including the extra steps you need to take when dealing with extremely large mailing lists.