App Development

Mobile usage in the past few years has exploded! Every new website we create is responsive and looks great on your phone but there are cases where you might need an app for offline tasks, kiosks or to access device functions such as the camera, photo library, contacts, motion, geolocation etc. We can support multiple platforms for app development with the most popular being iOS and Android. 

What can be developed?

We can build a wide range of apps from a simple information app to a complex application with dynamic data and syncing to a secure web server. It's important to note that apps usually need to be supported throughout their lifetime as new devices and operating systems come out and code updates are required to account for the changes.

The typical tiers of apps are:

  • Simple Informational App - A user navigates to view content and data without needing to log in or input any data themselves.
  • Database App - Variations of looking up, entering or manipulating data on the device. In some cases the data may be stored solely on the device itself while other times you may want it to upload or download new information to a web server.
  • E-Commerce App - Creating a great app that deals with money requires expertise and proven security to protect all parties. We've worked with multiple payment platforms and processed millions of dollars of transactions through projects we've developed.
  • Games -  This is the most expensive type of app because of the work that is involved including calculations, physics, sounds, graphics, rendering and updates. 

Miramar is capable of building robust applications that can sync to and from encrypted web servers or even providing an interface on a website to add/update data that will then be found in the app.